Too Many Indian Newborns Are Dying, Especially in New Delhi


India’s capital N ew Delhi has a disturbingly high infant mortality rate, according to a new report released by NGO Save the Children. The rate of 30 deaths per 1,000 births in Delhi compares unfavorably to cities like Mumbai (20) and Chennai (15).

Early mortality is a particular concern. In Delhi, of all children dying before their first birthday, 64% died within the first 28 days of birth.

Such deaths can be prevented with better access to healthcare and the presence of qualified birth attendants, says the report, released on Tuesday. The research found that incidences of infant death are almost three times higher in poorer households.

India managed to bring down under-5 mortality by almost 54% between 1990 and 2012 (compared to a global reduction of 44.8%). But with nearly 40% of neo-natal deaths occurring on the day an infant is born,  the country is still struggling with postpartum…

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Inexhaustible Treasure


Love in the Spaces

But for a few distant, hearty shrieking birds, complete silence followed my sub-zero trek through knee-deep snow in ankle-high boots.  Without evident pattern, one foot would merely skim a soft powder surface and the next would crunch heavily downward through an icy layer glazed gold by a setting sun.
It was the gold of pirates’ treasure, and the treasure of endless waves–striated sun and sky and sea, fields and mountains made nearly indistinguishable.   A speck of me standing in one icy golden fold among it all.
To poet Robinson Jeffers, “The Treasure” is life more than life.  A single life is but a “flash of activity” within the forever-cycling treasure.
A life decades longer than my husband’s is itself but “a notch of eternity,” though, to be sure, “nothing too tiresome”:
Mountains, a moment’s earth-waves rising and hollowing; the earth too’s an ephemerid; the stars—
Short-lived as…

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China Launches Anti-Vice Campaign, Putting Sex Workers at Risk



No paid sex, please. And while we’re at it, no gambling or drugs. That’s the message China’s government is sending as it launches a new, national struggle against the so-called three vices. State media are selling it as a matter of morality — a move that feels dangerously out of synch with facts on the ground.

The crackdown got under way last week after state broadcaster CCTV aired a segment on the prevalence of sex work in southern China’s “sin city,” Dongguan. The report showed women lining up for selection by customers and dancing in Karaoke clubs — hardly unusual for the steamy manufacturing hub in Guangdong province. But just hours later, a 6,000-strong police force was sweeping the city. At least 67 people were arrested and two officials sacked.

(MORE: Vice Doesn’t Pay: 10 Scandalous Chinese Officials Who Landed With a Bump)

What seemed…

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Lynn Issues Hundreds Of Tickets For Unshoveled Sidewalks


CBS Boston

LYNN (CBS) – Travis Gresham dodged cars as he walked in the street in Lynn just to avoid the snow.

“Totally unsafe,” he said.

It’s a decision Travis and other Lynn pedestrians have been faced with daily. Do they trudge through piles of snow and ice on sidewalks that haven’t been shoveled or take the street?

“I always see people struggling to go around here to get back on the other sidewalk,” said Jim Bell of Hamilton Street.

Bell keeps his sidewalk as clear as he can but he can’t say the same for the property next door, a vacant park parcel that clearly has remained untouched through the last several snowfalls.

“Every year this is what we end up with. They never shovel,” he said.

With snow piles growing taller down the streets of Lynn, the city is cracking down. It’s stepped up enforcement. 525 tickets issued since the…

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